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Blockchain's Impact

Refrigerant regulations have been in place for 25 years, but leak rates remain high. Complete the form to receive a download of our latest White Paper Blockchain Impact on GHGs. Take a deep dive into how technology and blockchain processes can help eliminate fraud, improve management of refrigerants, and enhance accountability related to the use, handling and end-of life for these substances. 


What is Trakref? 

A cloud-based SaaS system for smarter HVAC/R leak management. An “out of the box” solution built to protect owners but designed to support service providers. Created to be up and running rapidly, we give you powerful software tools to manage leaks and extend equipment life, guide maintenance teams and help reduce material costs in the process. It’s not just a basic ledger.

It’s a rules engine, formed from a hybrid of multiple systems, that links teams and property owners together to keep you in compliance with regulatory standards.


Hear from our clients

No matter your facility, unlocking unprecedented HVAC/R insights and achieving compliance success has never been easier. 

We chose Trakref because they were
easy to work with, did not require
any long term contract, had the right
solution and listened to what we

We need something to help us look around corners.

We chose Trakref because we had used other software and found that they
really understood the California requirements, and they were great at helping us get ready for a new data management platform.