EPA Section 608 Refrigerant Regulations

EPA RegulationsMany companies are beginning to focus on sustainability in their refrigerant equipment, which is needed. However, it's difficult to look at sustainability unless you are already in compliance. Make sure you're up-to-date on EPA section 608 regulations. At Trakref, we created this helpful handout to help you learn:

  • What Section 608 is
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Leak rate calculations
  • Leak rate thresholds

EPA Section 608

The EPA requires certain recordkeeping requirements for appliances with charge size of 50 or more pounds

Leak rates must be calculated using the annualizing or rolling average method

There are specific leak rate thresholds for industrial process refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and comfort cooling

Software Can Help With Compliance

  • Trakref can ensure that you stay in compliance with EPA regulations
  • Our rules engine guides you through regulations
  • Report directly to the EPA in our software

Trakref also has the ability to view things by clicking on a location, assets, ID#, etc. Reporting with Trakref is the easiest I have seen with other software companies. Also, they offer an app. To my knowledge it's the only one in the industry for tracking asset data on an app."

Susan H.
Property Manager