ESG Frameworks: An Easy Overview

ESG Frameworks (1)-1There is more pressure than ever to publish an ESG report and disclose climate-related information. Investors increasingly want the information, and some data will soon be required by governments. There are so many frameworks, though, and it's difficult to know what is required. Use this handout to understand each one's primary objective, domain focus and scope, their form, and the number of users.

We cover:

  • SBTI

  • GHG Protocol

  • CDSP

  • And more

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ESG Frameworks

Certain climate-related disclosures are being required at the state and federal level

Investors are also eager for information about ESG to make investment decisions and compare companies

There are numerous frameworks to sift through - use our guide to decide what's right

Software Can Help With ESG Reporting

  • First, technicians enter information into Trakref
  • Then, executives can use this information to report on Scope 1 emissions
  • We help break down siloes so you deliver the right data

Trakref also has the ability to view things by clicking on a location, assets, ID#, etc. Reporting with Trakref is the easiest I have seen with other software companies. Also, they offer an app. To my knowledge it's the only one in the industry for tracking asset data on an app."

Susan H.
Property Manager