Learn California's HFC prohibitions now.

In 2018, CARB adopted a new HFC regulation with HFC prohibitions in certain end-uses, including retail food refrigeration, cold storage warehouses, vending machines, residential refrigeration appliances, and chillers.

More specifically, California’s initial HFC regulation was adopted in March 2018, which incorporated specific requirements of the partially vacated U.S. EPA HFC prohibitions in certain stationary refrigeration equipment.

Shortly thereafter, in September 2018, SB 1013 became law, and this adopted all of EPA SNAP Rules 20 and 21 (except as it applies to MVAC) into state law. These two regulatory policies partly coincided in time, and, as you can guess, it produced stakeholder confusion.

Thus, in January 2020, such regulatory efforts were combined via administrative process and consolidated into one California regulation: the California SNAP Regulation, which is what this chart focuses on.