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How does the HFC court ruling impact your operations? 

What refrigerants are good to use in the short- and long-term? With so many changes happening in the HVAC/R world, answers aren't immediately clear... 

That's why we've updated our handy Refrigerant Use Chart to reflect what's new, including the latest on the legal battle involving EPA SNAP Rule 20.  

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Prepare and plan ahead now with the trakref® refrigerant use chart. 


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 What is Trakref? 

Trakref is a simple, affordable, and comprehensive HVAC/R and refrigerant asset management software for facilities and the people that service, manage, and report on them.

With over two decades in the international refrigerant reclamation business, we distilled industry best practices and regulatory requirements into a single, powerful, user-friendly digital tool: trakref. By leveraging four transformative elements—communication, benchmarking, asset management and compliance—trakref combines all the essentials to achieve optimal performance, efficiency and value from commercial HVAC/R systems.

More than just a software, it's a HVAC/R rules engine embedded with regulatory requirements and best practices to guide you and your workforce. 


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No matter your facilty, unlocking unprecedented HVAC/R insights and achieving compliance success has never been easier. 

We chose Trakref because they were
easy to work with, did not require
any long term contract, had the right
solution and listened to what we

We need something to help us look around corners.

We chose Trakref because we had used other software and found that they
really understood the California requirements, and they were great at helping us get ready for a new data management platform.