Get Your Records Ready Now! 

California Air Resources Board (CARB) annual refrigerant reports are due March 1st.  

Are these compliance reports consuming your time, energy, & revenue this year?

Well, they shouldn't... In fact, now is NOT  the time to fall into the trap of an inefficient compliance experience...

That's why we're offering this free download just for you; It identifies CARB requirements & how streamlining the compliance process can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Reduce your overhead and cost.
  • Make compliance reporting easy.
  • Be ready for any new CARB compliance requirements.

Learn how to take the drudgery out of CARB refrigerant reporting.

Get this guide before it's too late!


"Our compliance software comes pre-built with CARB refrigerant requirements, so you can effectively guide your workforce." —Ted Atwood, President of Trakref

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